Monday, May 29, 2023

Generation X - MONET ST CROIX!

Marvel Legends - X-Men Ch'od BaF Wave - Monet St. Croix - Hasbro 2023

In 2002 I moved to a city with comic book stores. All three shops in my hometown had closed in the late 90s bubble. But even before they shut their doors, I had become disenchanted with American comics. The "extreme" trends, the pricey cover gimmicks, and the endless story tie-ins just burned me out. But by 2002 I was feeling nostalgic and was curious about what I had missed out on. I dabbled with a bunch of titles, but the only true gem was Generation X. I viewed it as a 90's take on The New Mutants with fresh new characters and uniquely classic matching uniforms. These characters have been on my Marvel Legends wishlist for years, and it's amazing that the first few releases come in a wave with the first Starjammers figures, too (another longstanding team on my wishlist). Monet St. Croix is arguably the most interesting character in the series. She was shrouded in secrecy with a mysterious past and identity. Plus she's a gorgeous invulnerable powerhouse. This figure is perfect. Let's check out Monet below!

Monet's only accessories are an alternate pair of hands.

Monet also comes with the Left Leg of Ch'od Build-a-Figure.

I don't often rant about Build-a-Figures, but Ch'od is awesome. The Ch'Reee accessory was an awesome surprise for me. His little head is on a ball joint, too.

There was a whole wave of Generation X figures from Toy Biz in 1995. Additionally there was a ToyFare exclusive Synch figure and a few figures were unfortunately cancelled (like Husk).

This is my tribute pose to the vintage line. The figures were a tad dramatic.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the entire Ch'od wave together:
Kid Omega, Corsair, Chamber, Ch'od (and Ch'Reee), Monet St. Croix, Emma Frost, and Fang.

Here my Generation X figures so far. Astonishing Emma is standing in for a nonexistent Generation X Emma. 
I was tempted to add Jubilee and Banshee, but I know they'll very likely be re-released with the right deco.

And while I'm at it, here are the three Starjammers so far. I can't wait for a Hepzibah.


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  1. This is a great figure. I was also a fan of Generation X so was happy to see Monet and Chamber. Would like to see a Penance eventually. Also picked up all the Toybiz figures from a vintage toy store about two years ago.