Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Astonishing X-Men - EMMA FROST!

Marvel Legends - X-Men Ch'od BaF Wave - Emma Frost - Hasbro 2023

Emma Frost has always been a character that intrigued me. She's powerful, wicked, maternal, cold, and doesn't put up with any crap. Depending on who is writing her stories, she can be portrayed quite differently. My very first exposure to her was in the pages of Classic X-Men when she was in league with the Hellfire Club and in a constant power struggle with the other villainous members. But shortly after, I met her again in the pages of Firestar and The New Mutants where she was the headmistress of the Hellions. She was still clearly a villain, but there was a glimmer of true maternal instinct peeking out. Ten years later I was surprised to see her following in Xavier's footsteps as she and Banshee led Generation X. She still retained her sharp edges, but her allegiances had shifted and she had become infinitely more interesting. Her most recognizable look from the this era was a white blazer and pants. But I'm glad this figure has the more costume-y 2004 Astonishing X-Men update of her classic look.

Emma Frost also comes with the Right Leg of Ch'od Build-a-Figure.

I don't often rant about Build-a-Figures, but Ch'od is awesome. The Ch'Reee accessory was an awesome surprise for me. His little head is on a ball joint, too.

Emma's upper arms are completely restricted from moving due to her stuff cape.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three modern Emma figures: Walgreens 2019, Astonishing X-Men 2023, and Hellfire Club 2021.

Here my Generation X figures so far. Astonishing Emma is standing in for a nonexistent Generation X Emma. 
I was tempted to add Jubilee and Banshee, but I know they'll very likely be re-released with the right deco.

And while I'm at it, here are the three Starjammers so far. I can't wait for a Hepzibah.

Here is the entire Ch'od wave together:
Kid Omega, Corsair, Chamber, Ch'od (and Ch'Reee), Monet St. Croix, Emma Frost, and Fang.



  1. this Emma is from her time in the Astonishing X-Men, rather than Generation X

    1. Ahh Thanks! I will make the edits above. I was scanning through my GenX books to see if and when she ever wore this, but I the search got overwhelming. I never read Astonishing so the specific details eluded me.