Sunday, May 7, 2023

MOTU Revelation - SORCERESS!

Masterverse Wave 8 - MOTU Revelation (Netflix) - Sorceress - Mattel 2023

When Masters of the Universe: Revelation was announced I was really nervous that Sorceress would receive an unrecognizable makeover. I was never a fan of the 200x teal Egyptian look and the Netflix CGI show introduced a Sorceress that was essentially a completely reimagined character - that I liked, but not as much as I adored the original Teela-Na. Luckily the Revelation Sorceress was a faithful interpretation. Unfortunately she was not the spiritual focal point getting tons of screentime that I was expecting. And with her limited role, I truly did not expect her to get a figure in the Masterverse line. (And honestly making us wait until Wave 8 was a pretty sneaky move). But she is really a great figure - quite possibly the best Sorceress so far. The Masterverse line has honestly exceeded my expectations for character inclusion. The last female on my Revelation wishlist will apparently be in Wave 11. I won't mention names for spoiler's sake, but I'm stoked. Let's check out Sorceress below!

As much as I typically dislike soft-goods cloaks and capes, this multi-layered design with the sculpted shoulderpiece and elastic armbands is a pretty smart solution to the engineering dilemma posed by her iconic plumage.

Sorceress comes with the Staff of Zoar and an alternate pair of hands.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Sorceress along side the MOTU Classics and Club Grayskull figures.


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  1. Almost purchased it, but the way they changed her costume design to cover her legs makes her look like a nun that just left the convent. Picture it in your head... turn all the blue to black.
    She's an overly-dressed nun. lol.