Wednesday, May 3, 2023

League of Legends - SENNA!

League of Legends - Champion Collection - Senna & Thresh - SpinMaster 2023

I love a surprise figure. A few times a year I find an unexpected product hiding in the recesses of the internet. Usually these are smaller-scale figures or novelty toys, very rarely collector-grade 6-7" figures. But a few days ago I was placing the League of Legends Ashe figure on my shelves and I remembered how she was a surprise figure that just showed up in a multi-product Amazon listing last September. This line from spin Master has all but disappeared from the toy aisles, but I was curious and searched anyway. To my surprise I found this amazing figure of Senna the Redeemer in a new 2-Pack on Amazon. There were only 8 left in stock so I ordered it without hesitation. In 48 short hours I had her in hand. I don't know much about League of Legends, or any game properties really, but I've really enjoyed the figures. And Senna is my favorite. She has an amazing headsculpt and the color scheme of her outfit is both simple and dynamic. Let's check out Senna the Redeemer below!

Once imprisoned in Thresh's lantern, Senna re-emerged to new life, forever changed. Now wielding darkness along with light, Senna seeks to end the Black Mist by turning it against itself - with every blast of her relic weapon, redeeming the souls lost within.

In theory, it seems like her cloak and hood can be removed. They are not anchored or glued down. But her head would need to be removed and mine would not (easily) come off.

Senna has 18 points of articulation. She is really on par with a Marvel Legends figure with two exceptions: no ankle rockers and no bicep swivels. I would personally downgrade the double-jointed knees and elbows in exchange for biceps and ankle rockers, but that's just my opinion.

Senna comes with an extremely oversized sword/gun, the Relic Canon. It's even bigger than the weapons that came with the Transformers Combiner Hunters set. There is also a blue blast effect, the Piercing Darkness, that fits in the end of it.  The whole contraption requires the clear post-and-pedestal pieces since it is so heavy and unwieldy.

The promotional copy for this set says:
"GLOW IN THE DARK FIGURES: Crafted with extreme detail down to their armor and weapons, 
Thresh and Senna feature glow-in-the-dark paint and premium material finishes."
While this is technically true, don't get your hopes up. Despite all the GITD-esque translucent pieces and Senna's white cloak, the only piece of Senna that glows is her Piercing Darkness blast effect.  The "muzzle-flash" portion at the base (seen below) has the heaviest glow and the long blue portion has a faint application of GITD paint (that didn't photograph well).

Slinging the weapon over her shoulder is the only natural pose I could manage.

This 2-Pack also comes with a large diorama of Thresh's Ultimate Box ability. This comes disassembled in the packaging in ten pieces. It reminds me of something that Skeletor would conjure. (Also, despite it's "glowy" look, these pieces are not GITD).

Thresh also comes with his Lantern and Scythe.

Here is Thresh with all his accessories. GITD portions include the edge of the Scythe blade, the interior of the lantern, his hands, and I believe the interior of his head (eyes, mouth, and neck). 

Both figures comes with transparent aqua bases (as opposed to the solid black bases that single figures have). These are not GITD.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a Senna with Ashe, the only other Champion Collection lady so far.


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