Saturday, June 24, 2023

Infinite Crisis - DONNA TROY!

DC Comics Infinite Crisis - Series 2: (Return of) Donna Troy - DC Direct 2007

I don't think there is a single DC character with an origin story more convoluted and confusing than Donna Troy. Originally, Wonder Girl was simply a younger version of Wonder Woman in flashback tales. But then she began appearing alongside Diana like a sidekick. And eventually in Teen Titans she was first given the name Donna Troy and given her own unique identity... which would be continually revamped and rewritten (I believe she is currently a golem made my the Amazons as a failsafe in case Wonder Woman goes rogue). Along her eventful comics journey, she has also worn a variety of costumes. My personal favorite is her red jumpsuit with yellow stars. But another look that I've found myself increasingly drawn to is this 2005 redesign which seems to incorporate the style of her classic red look with the black starfield design that became a feature of her costumes in the late 80s when she went by the name Troia. When this figure originally came out, I wasn't fond of the "new" look, but I've since become a fan.

If you've even seen this figure in person, you might understand how problematic it is. 
She was sculpted by the ultra-talented Sam Greenwell (who is the artist behind many of my favorite action figures). But all the females in this wave seem to suffer from bizarre production and engineering issues. They have extremely long and thin limbs that are in off-kilter positions. The articulation is very limited as well so there are only a couple acceptable poses you can place her in. Also, the hands on all these figures are comically huge. They could wrap their fingers around their own heads. I trust the talents of the artists involved so I blame the awkward final figure on warping in production, articulation engineering, and possibly re-used hands from another figure. That said, there is something I really appreciate about this figure and when I recently dug her out to pose alongside the Rebirth Donna Troy, I felt she deserved her own post. Enjoy.

When searching for comic images of Donna for this post I discovered this great graphic:
 'Evolution of Donna Troy' by BoyBluesDCU on Reddit.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Donna Troy with her Wonder Girl figure from the same wave.

Here are some unrelated images of my red-suited Donna Troy collection.

And here are all my black-suited Donna figures together. From Left to Right: Imaginext 2018, McFarlane 2023, Eaglemoss 2008, DC Direct 2007, Heroclix 2021, and Heroclix 2010 (There are more Heroclix of Donna in this outfit, but these are the two I was able to find easily in my stash).


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