Friday, June 9, 2023

Thunderbirds - KAYO KYRANO!

Thunderbirds Are Go - 3.75" Series 01 - Kayo Kyrano - Vivid Toy Group 2016

After the success of the rebooted Captain Scarlet franchise, 2006's The New Captain Scarlet, work began on a reimagining of another great Gerry Anderson property, Thunderbirds. And nine years later, the CGI-animated series Thunderbirds Are Go premiered and ran for three seasons. The original Thunderbirds series debuted in 1965 and was very popular. It inspired films, an anime series, comics, and radio. The 2015 reboot, Thunderbirds Are Go, continued the unfortunate trend of swapping the puppets for CGI models, but at least this series retained a very puppet-like quality to the character design. Kyro Kyrano is a reimagining of Tintin Kyrano, a character from the 1965 series (played by Vanessa Hudgens in the 2004 live-action film). The new version plays a much more prominent role as a co-pilot and head of security - as opposed to a simple love interest character. I bought this toy in Toys R Us sever years ago but never got around to reviewing her until now. Let's check out Kayo below!

Kayo comes with a removable helmet and a wrist-mounted blaster.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a collection of 3.75" Gerry Anderson figures (excluding Space Precinct): Thunderbirds Lady Penelope (Matchbox 1994), Terrahawks Kate Kestrel (Bandai 1983), Captain Scarlet Harmony Angel (Vivid 1993), Thunderbirds Are Go Kayo Kyrano (Vivid 2016), Captain Scarlet Destiny Angel (Vivid 1993), Terrahawks Mary Falconer (Bandai 1983), Terrahawks Zelda (Bandai 1983), Stingray Marina (Matchbox 1992).


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