Tuesday, June 20, 2023

ThunderCats Ultimates - MANDORA!

ThunderCats Ultimates Series 5.5 -  Mandora the Evil Chaser - Super7 2023

If you would have asked me last year if I had seen every episode of ThunderCats in the 80s (and remembered them) I would have agreed without a doubt. My memory of the show is pretty vivid and I can reference lots of very obscure characters. But surprisingly when this Mandora figure was unveiled last year, I was at a complete loss. I have zero recollection of this character whatsoever. And she's not even obscure. She appeared in eight episodes in the eighties and was even included in ThunderCats Roar. I ordered this figure out of support for Super7, but there was zero nostalgic pull for me. Then today I watched four of her episodes and feel like I now have a pretty good grasp of who she is. Mandora is essentially a bounty hunter/space cop. When she first encounters Lion-O, he had accidentally released her prisoners. She was no-nonsense and militaristic as they teamed up to re-capture the fugitives. But in later episodes she began to show compassion and friendship. I understand the appeal.

Mandora comes with a ton of accessories: five sets of hands, multiple communication devices (possibly one is a badge/wallet), handcuffs, and two boomerangs - one with a motion effect and one without.

Mandora also comes with three heads. They are pretty similar to each other with subtle variations in ponytail directions, eye graphic, and mouth. Surprisingly the gritted teeth version is my favorite (it's the one I used in the turnaround photos above).

Mandora is known for her Electro-Charger. It is kind of like a hovering space motorcycle.
It was available from Super7 at the same time as this figure (with a pretty hefty price tag). Vehicles aren't something I have a lot of room for in my personal collection, but it looks pretty cool.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mandora with Pumyra and Cheetara.


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