Thursday, January 26, 2017

ThunderCats Classics - PUMYRA!

ThunderCats Classics - Series 01 - Pumyra - Mattycollector Exc - Mattel 2016

Ever since Mattycollector was formed and the MOTUC series began, I have been wishing for the same treatment for ThunderCats. But the thing is, I wouldn't ever collect a ton of them like the He-Man/She-Ra stuff. I only really like the actual ThunderCats. Mumm-Ra, the Mutants, and all the secondary characters honestly never really interested me. So my ideal ThunderCats collection would be limited to maybe 15 characters max. That's why I was so excited that one of the first ThunderCats Classics figures announced was Pumyra. I actually like Pumyra a lot more than the main female cat, Cheetara, but she always plays second fiddle. It's all bittersweet though since the line ended after one wave anyway. I have faith that Super7 will pull through with more figures in the future, but we'll all have to be patient. They just announced the Hawke/Delora MOTUC figure, so obscure characters are definitely on their radar (fingers crossed for Lynxana someday!) I can't wait to see more. Let's check out Pumyra below!

So... as excited as I am to be holding a new Pumyra figure, I'm not super happy with the production quality. The last year of Matty had a lot of problems. Filmation Evil-Lyn, Despara, and Teela 2.0 were all plagued with QC issues and I'm not totally surprised that Pumyra is not perfect.

Her face doesn't look nearly as nice as all the prototypes shown and her legs have hip articulation that you can kind of see from a straight-forward view. I feel like they used MOTUC legs on a taller figure and added weird posts at the hips to make them look longer. It's not horrible, but after such a long wait, I wanted to be happier right off the bat.

Pumyra comes with her sling (despite it being wrapped around her waist as well), two extra hands, and two accessories that I can't quite identify.

Pumyra's character in the 2011 cartoon was awesome. It's such a shame that she never got an action figure.

So I think that the prototype head looked a lot better than the final production version.
The paint applications aren't as clean and the mold itself looks like it was distorted

So I tried to do some paint touchups to make her look more like she was supposed to.  I just darkened her eyeliner, painted over her lips, slightly repositioned her corneas, and touched up her hairline around her sideburn-ponytails.

The touchups make me like the figure a lot more.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the vintage Pumyra and the Mini-Mate.



  1. It is gyp that Pumyra in the ThunderCats reboot never got an action figure. :/

    1. Yeah I know. Did you see all the second wave figures that they revealed this past June on ActionFigureInsider? The cancelled second series only had one female, and it was just a brown translucent 4" Cheetara re-release. Even the 6" Classics and Modern had a bunch of re-released male characters in new outfits. I probably would have been more upset to see that wave hit the shelves with no Pumyra or Panthera.

    2. I guess the Smurfette principal still applied.

  2. I'm going to try to touch up the face of mine like you did, great job! Have you already contemplated trying to shorten her height? There's a fairly simple way to do that, the only thing you sacrifice this way is her waistjoint. I did it too, and very happy with the results! I think I emailed you about that a while ago, not sure..