Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Dungeons & Dragons - SHEILA!

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics - Sheila the Thief - Hasbro 2023

Sometimes I just have to marvel about how satisfying it is to be a toy collector right now. Especially if, like me, you are a child of the 80s with an addiction for nostalgia. Beyond the typical He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats that we've been seeing for years, we currently are getting new product from Sectaurs, Silverhawks, Strawberry Shortcake, Bravestarr, M.A.S.K., and Crystar. Plus announcements for upcoming TigerSharks and Rainbow Brite product. Almost every nostalgic property seems to be getting merchandized, and I couldn't be happier. My current obsession is the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics line. These toys are a bit different because they've never been made before. And the animated source material is overshadowed by the actual D&D game. The cartoon is often scoffed at by hardcore D&D fans as a silly kiddy version of their the real D&D. A lame PR stunt to counter a growing hysteria about the game. But this was my first exposure to the word of D&D, and I adored it.

On Earth, Sheila was a typical girl and protective big sister to her brother Bobby. But when magically transported to The Realm via a Dungeons & Dragons ride at an amusement park, she is gifts a magic cloak of invisibility and becomes Sheila the Thief (and her brother becomes Bobby the Barbarian). This character prompted a lifelong fascination with invisibility for me. I prided myself on being a sneaky and stealthy kid, and fantasizing that I had Sheila's cloak was a big part of that play. This toy is perfect and was released in the second wave of Cartoon Classics figures alongside Presto the Magician and Eric the Cavalier. Let's check out Sheila below!

I'm going to start off with a few shots of Sheila without her cloak. She has a great sculpt.

Sheila comes with two cloak accessories and one separate hood. In the cartoon, her invisibility power activates when she raises her hood. One of the cloaks is opaque and has a sculpted hood in the lowered position draping down the back. The cloak with the translucent "invisible" effect does not have that sculpted hood and is meant to be paired with the separate raised hood piece.

All of the D&D Classics figures also comes with a die.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Sheila figures all together: MiniMates, Iron Studio Statue, and D&D Classics figure.

And here is the complete Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics lineup together. From Left to Right: Presto the Magician, Uni the Unicorn, Sheila the Thief, Bobby the Barbarian, Dungeon Master, Venger, Diana the Acrobat, Eric the Cavalier, and Hank the Ranger.


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