Friday, July 28, 2023

Gargoyles - ANGELA!

Disney's Gargoyles - Ultimate Action Figures - Angela - NECA Toys 2023

When the Demona figure was released last year in Neca's Gargoyles line, I honestly expected her to be the only female character. I know there are lot of females in the show, but Demona is the token female for the first half of the series alongside a lot of prominent males. So I expected a second female figure to be a distant dream. Angela is easily the second most popular female Gargoyle. She was introduced halfway through Season Two as the daughter of Goliath and Demona, having been raised by humans from stolen eggs in the magical realm of Avalon (where time runs differently, hence her appearing almost the same age as her mother). She's a great character that provides an interesting "outsider" perspective when she joins the Manhattan Clan. The new comics from Dynamite feature Angela on the covers a lot - enough for me to comfortably say that she is the new token female of the series. That said, there are a lot of cool characters who could also use this buck. I'm optimistic! Let's check out Angela below!

I will start out with turnaround sans wings and tail.

The metal earrings and bracelet are a great touch.

Angela comes with two alternate faceplates, three sets of hands, and a tail that is removable.

And of course her gigantic wings.
Note: The Neca Gargoyles figures are beginning to include an alternate set of folded wings (worn like a cloak with the claws crossed across the collar like a clasp). These folded wings accessories are specific for certain characters, but come with different (smaller) characters. For instance, Bronx comes with Goliath's folded wings and Elisa comes with Brooklyn's wings. The upcoming David Xanatos figure will come with Demona's folded wings, which will eventually (hopefully) be released in Angela's purple hue.

Angela also comes with a freshly-hatched newborn version of herself. 
She is articulated at the arms, legs, wings, and neck. And her egg comes in two parts.

Similar to Demona last year, Angela's wings were too big for my phototent so the photo session continued into the backyard.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said that Angela is featured on the the covers of Dynamite Entertainment's Gargoyles comic series a lot. This company is notorious for excessive variant covers, but even still, they definitely have their favorite cover girl.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Angela alongside her mother, Demona.
It honestly never occurred to me that their names are a play on Angel vs Demon, meant to play on their opposing natures.


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