Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Spidey and His Amazing Friends - ELECTRO!

Disney Jr - Spidey and His Amazing Friends - Electro - Hasbro 2022

With SDCC 2023 starting to roll out toy news in just a few hours, I thought I would do a quick review of a fun little figure I learned about at last year's show, the Spidey and His Amazing Friends Electro from Disney Jr and Hasbro. I still haven't really watched this show, but they toys seem really fun and they've had a pretty prominent place in the toy aisles of Target and Wal-Mart for nearly two years now. This is the type of toy line that I expect to last for a while and continually release slightly tweaked versions of the main characters. But whenever there is a recipe like that, there is usually the occasional new villain or supporting character added to the mix. In last year's case, that was Francine Frye as Electro. I always thought the female versions of the Sinister Six characters were very cool, but never got their chance to shine, so I'm glad Francine is being introduced to the younger generations early. I hope we get a peek at some new characters soon (Black Cat and Wasp please!). Let's check out Electro below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Spidey ladies together: Doc Ock, Ghost-Spider, Ms. Marvel, and Electro.


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