Friday, July 21, 2023

Movie Maniacs - WICKED WITCH of the WEST!

Movie Maniacs - Wizard of Oz -  Wicked Witch of the West - McFarlane 2023

I really thought I was going to save this post for Halloween but I'm feeling antsy. The first time McFarlane Toys really captured my attention was with their Movie Maniacs line in the 90s. The company went from an overabundance of Spawn to a line of detailed cinematic figures (almost always with a gritty aesthetic). And these toys also expanded the prescience of toys at retail. Suddenly stores like Sam Goody, Tower Records, Suncoast Video, and FYE had significant toy sections. They had been carrying good-girl figures for a few years, but McFarlane seemed to prompt a significant expansion. I always lean toward the more playful properties in pop culture so my favorite figure was easily Edward Scissorhands. When McFarlane recently announced they were re-launching the Movie Maniacs I didn't know what to expect. But in their first batch of releases was this amazing Wicked Witch of the West from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.. This is an unarticulated PVC statue, but she is visually stunning and long overdue.

The Wizard of Oz is one of those classic properties that has a shameful lack of toy merchandize. I'm sure there are licensing holdups with such a legacy brand, but I will bet when the movie enters the public domain in 2035 we will see a flood of product. I still would love true action figures of the main characters. But in the meantime, this PVC statue of the Wicked Witch is extremely satisfying.

One thing I don't like about this figure is the yellow brick road spiraling base. I like the idea of it, but it is distractingly colorful. It is not intentionally removable, but I plan to break it off. If she can stand on her own without it, I will keep it off, but I would be fine gluing it back on if not. I will post pics if I am successful.

I don't know if this is intentional or not, but my figure's right hand holding the broom is removable. It fits in with a peg and is fairly secure, but in the photography process I still accidentally knocked it off a few times. I will probably glue it secure.

This statue comes with a cardboard diorama background and a collectors card with a card stand.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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  1. I dunno'. It's not a bad face sculpt, but it just feels "off" in the facial features of the actual actress. The parting of the hair feels wrong too. I WANT to like this, but there's an uncanny valley thing hurting it. On a side note, for nerds, you can see she's related to "Witchiepoo" from H.R. Puf N' Stuf by watching on youtube "The Paul Lynd 1976 Halloween Special". And MAN is it very 70s lol.