Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Boss Fight Studio - LIME CHIFFON!

World of Strawberry Shortcake - Lime Chiffon w/ Parfait - BFS 2023

In the world of geeky pop culture we are often exposed to the design theme of a group of similar characters in different color motifs. The Magical Girl genre comes to mind with Sailor Moon, Glitter Force, and Magical DoReMi. Each featuring stylistically similar characters with differentiating hair color and outfits. But action genres had it too with Power Rangers, Power Pack, and Voltron. Not to mention kid properties like Teletubbies and the Wiggles. But my very first exposure to this spectrum-of-characters concept was Strawberry Shortcake (and a few years later rather literally with Rainbow Brite). I remember rummaging through bins of donated toys in a church basement when I was about six years old and finding a slew of small Strawberry Shortcake dolls scattered around. I had never seen these characters and quickly became obsessed with finding them all and lining them up. When my sister approached and informed me they were scented, my mind was blown (and I became a fan for life). 

Lime Chiffon was always a stand-out character for me. Mostly because green is not a color I often associate with either desserts or dolls, yet it's my favorite color to wear and paint walls. I'm glad the BFS included her in the first wave of Strawberry Shortcake figures.

This series comes with a ton of accessories. Included with Lime Chiffon are: Three sets of hands, Three faceplates, a comb, a spoon, a leaf-shaped plate with a scoop of lime ice cream, a figure stand...

...her pet parrot Parfait, a removable hairpiece, a removeable hat, balloons (on a separate clear stand), and a basket of limes.

Her faceplates attach by removing her hair and prying off the front half of her head.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the ladies from Series 1:  Orange BlossomStrawberry Shortcake, and Lime Chiffon.


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