Thursday, August 31, 2023


Masterverse - Mattelcreations Exc - MOTU Revolution - Motherboard - Mattel 2023

Few things are as gratifying to me as when old lore is expanded upon in a smart and creative way. Especially when it fills in some story gaps. Flashback to a young me in 80s expaining Zoar and Screeech to my younger brother. "Who's this?" "That's Zoar, a magical falcon that turns into this character, the Sorceress." "Cool. Who's this?" That's Screeech, the evil version of Zoar." "Cool. Who does Screeech turn into?" "No one. Screeech is a robot." "Oh." Flash forward to this Summer when that old dead-end storyline gets new life. Meet Motherboard, the female form of Screeech. As we saw in Revelation, Tri-Klops had formed the Cult of Motherboard, a group that worshiped technology with a religious fervor. Whiplash, Trap-Jaw, Blast-Attak, and a slew of Skelecons were in the cult as well. The upcoming second series of Netflix's MOTU series called Revolution will apparently show the cult successfully summoning Motherboard, a sort of techno-Sorceress. Information is scant so far, but I'm very excited to see her.

This figure was a surprise SDCC Exclusive through MattelCreations last month. 
She is gigantic at 11.75" tall with a massive wingspan.

Her packaging is beautiful. The exterior has a wrap-around graphic of Screech as a statue or altar.
Then is opens like a triptych to expose Motherboard within.

Here is an image of the back with Screeech's tail feathers and her loose accessories, a figure stand and extra hands.

Her cloak, wings, collarpiece, and "tailfeathers" (that look like draping rubber electrodes) are all attached into one piece that fits snugly around her neck and plugs into her back.

Her wingspan is huge and does not fit in my photo tent. Enjoy some pics from around my house.

As an added bonus, Motherboard will be voiced by Meg Foster, 
the actor who portrayed Evil-Lyn in the 1987 live-action film Masters of the Universe.

Her taloned hands are awesome. Creepy but regal.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is is Motherboard with the Revelation Sorceress from earlier this year.

And here is Motherboard with two 12" scale figures for reference: Cortana and Yellow Ranger.


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  1. What's crazy (and full-blown potato firetruck retarded) is I'm subscribed to Mattel Creations. I click on every mail they send. And YET... ...I was unaware there had been a Ghost Rider Hot Wheels cycle. And this... like... where. How. How was this missed? Their emails are trash. This figure is gorgeous, and the size makes it all the more impressive. I'm not a foot fetishist, but I like barefoot figures.