Friday, August 18, 2023

Transformers Earthspark - ARCEE & HASHTAG!

Transformers: Earthspark - Tacticon Mini Figures - Arcee & Hashtag - Hasbro 2023

Nine years ago I was just starting to dabble in Transformers and the Generations Arcee was a gamechanger figure for me. As the first official G1 Arcee figure, she opened the pink floodgates and nine short years later I have 20 official Arcee figures (and 12 unofficial 3rd Party figures). After being unmerchandized for her first 28 years, that is an amazing shift. Of course, with all the fancy deluxe figures, there are also a fair share of more generic offering. But I love them all no matter what. These Tacticon Mini Figures are tiny toys with simple transformations. They can stand freely, but also function as finger puppets (as shown on the packaging front). They have a quality similar to a fast food toy, but a good one. I was excited to get an Arcee and was happy she has such a great facesculpt. This is the first product of her from her Earthrise design. It's also awesome to see Hashtag merchandized. I don't know much about her but she's a cool looking character. Let's check out Arcee and Hashtag below!

Transformers: Earthspark
Tacticon Mini Figures

Transformers: Earthspark
Tacticon Mini Figures

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are a bunch of smaller Transformers for comparison. From Left to Right: World of Cybertron Paradron Medic, Studio Series 2020 ROTF Arcee, Earthspark Hashtag, Earthspark Arcee, Transformers Prime Legion Class Flamewar, and Tiny Turbo Changers Arcee.


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