Thursday, September 28, 2023


DC Multiverse - Amazon Exclusive Rebirth 3-Pack - McFarlane Toys 2023

Ever since McFarlane Toys got the DC license in 2020, I have been hoping for a good Kate Kane Batwoman figure. I love all Bat-family characters, but for some reason Batwoman is often neglected. This is surprising considering her extremely marketable design and her media exposure. Since her (modern) debut in 2006, she has been a regular fixture in comics. She had a live-action CW series that ran two reasons, appearances in several animated movies and shows, and five different video games. Well, it took three years, but we got a near perfect figure. Of course, she comes in a $70 Amazon-exclusive three-pack, but I didn't hesitate for a minute. This figure has one flaw. Her knees and lower legs are splayed in a slightly awkward position and it makes her knee joints extremely loose. I watched some YouTube videos and this seems to be a common problem. Luckily I had a bottle of Kiki "Fix Loose Joints" and a few drops fixed her up. My first time using it and I was impressed. Let's check out Batwoman below!

I appreciate that web-exclusive figures often come in minimalistic packaging. 
The front and sides of of this boxset are black with no graphics. The back has an illustration of Batman, Clayface, and Batwoman.

The 3-Pack Boxset comes with four accessories: two grappling hooks and two batarangs.
When I took the photo, I thought they were interchangeable between characters. But in actuality, the two on the right are the only ones Batwoman can hold with her smaller hands. I like that her batarang looks like it has Clayface muck on half of it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Batwoman with her 2018 Mattel figure and the 2021 Batwoman Beyond figure from McFarlane.

Her are the three figures from the Rebirth Boxset: Batman, Clayface, and Batwoman.


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