Monday, September 4, 2023

Marvel Legends - DANGER!

Marvel Legends - Brood Queen Build-a-Figure Series - Danger - Hasbro 2007

I love re-discovering an old figure that I had previously overlooked. To be fair, I have owned this figure for years but only recently decided to review her. (I didn't buy her until 2014, seven years after her release). The recent MOTU Motherboard figure inspired me to put a little spotlight on Danger. I love a character that is a physical (humanoid) embodiment of a previously inhuman thing or animal. Some great examples are MOTUC Lighthope and Castle Grayskullman, Mythic Legions Cowarros and Purplor, Motherboard, and of course Danger. In the pages of Astonishing X-Men in 2005, it became known that the X-Men's steadfast Danger Room had in fact gained sentience (and perhaps always been sentient). What was worse was that Professor Xavier was aware and did nothing to free or aid her. As her autonomy grew, her rage sent ripples through the mansion. She drove a student to suicide, she animated a dormant Sentinel, and wreaked havoc. Her backstory has so many interesting layers.

I bought this figure loose on eBay and I think the previous owner glued her wings in.
I would typically do full turnaround photos, but her wings are gigantic, unwieldy, and simply too big for my photo tent.

Danger has a lot of translucent purple parts on her body. 
It's rather dark so she has to be pretty strongly backlit to see the effect.

I first learned about Danger in 2014 when she joined X-Factor under Polaris and Quicksilver.

Overall this figure is pretty great. She has all the gangly limb issues that other Marvel Legends figures of this time did, but her heavily-deco'd body disguises it well. The only weird part for me is her head and neck. Her head seems too small and her neck seems too big. A slightly different sculpt with more cables/hair could have added more mass, covered her neck a little, and gone a long way toward balancing her proportions.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

She also has at least three unique Heroclix figures.



  1. This is why I love this site. I'm shown things I never knew existed, yet also reminded of things I long forgot existed and had wanted. This figure, I always wanted to get, and slightly repaint to not look as "blobby" in color. Thinking a Molotow chrome marker maybe? You're right about that neck. Go too far, and I'll have a husky version of War Planets / Shadow Raiders "Tekla".

  2. They could repaint it as Wolverine and the X-Men Master Mold