Saturday, October 14, 2023

Moore Collectibles - VAMPIRELLA!

Harris Comics & Clayburn Moore - Vampirella - Moore Action Collectibles 2000

When I first started collecting action figures seriously as an adult (roughly 25 years ago), there was a very interesting trend happening in the collectible market. There were toys of scantily-clad women everywhere. Oddly enough, they weren't in big box stores, but rather record stores, video stores, comic shops, etc. I personally found the vast majority of these to be garbage with awkward sculpts of tarty, forgettable characters. But Moore Action Collectibles stood out from the pack with beautiful sculpts and popular licenses. Fathom, Witchblade, Kabuki, and Lady Death were just a few of the offerings. But my favorite was always the classic Vampirella. She came in variations (Black or Gold outfit) and also an alternate Julie Strain headsculpt. But this traditional version is arguably the best. Her iconic barely-there costume and expressive face are hard to deny. I never bought her until recently, but 23 years later she's just as stunning as I imagined all those years ago. Let's check out Vampirella below!

The toss-up for having such limited articulation is that the sculptor can have complete control over the body sculpt and pose. Vampirella looks dynamic from almost every angle.

Vampirella comes with a dagger, a crossbow, and a handgun.
As much as I prefer this classic version of Vampirella, she is the only version that doesn't comes with a bat accessory. 
Which is a bummer because I love bats.

She also comes with a graveyard display base. The cross and moon can be removed from the base.

I love the Jae Lee covers from the recent Dark Powers series.

This blurb on the back of the packaging makes me realize I don't know much about Vampirella at all.
She's an alien?!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Clayburn Moore Vampirella alongside the recent LooseCollector Vampirella.