Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Sonic the Hedgehog - 4" Series Wave 14 - Blaze the Cat - Jakks Pacific 2023

This 4" Sonic the Hedgehog line is really thrilling me. It seems like every few months there is a new exciting figure to hunt down. The 2.5" line and all the Sonic: Prime products are great as well, but this 4" core line is my favorite and I hope it continues for a long time. This newest figure, Blaze the Cat, is perfect. I first learned of her character in 2012 when the Jazwares figure came out and was highly sought after. I was drawn to her because, similar to Rouge the Bat, Blaze wasn't very cutesy like the majority of Sonic females. Instead she was formidable and serious with a regal air befitting her royal (princess) status. I love the executions of this figure with her multi-hued purples and pinks and model-accurate sculpt. If Jakks happens to make a Wave the Sparrow next, then they will have produced an updated version of every female Sonic character ever merchandised in previous lines. Then they can tread new territory with brand new additions like Sally Acorn and Tikal. Let's check out Blaze the Cat below!

Blaze's only accessory is the red Sol Emerald.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the four 4" Jakks Sonic ladies so far: Rouge, Blaze, Amy, and Cream.

And here is Blaze with her 2012 Jazwares figure.


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