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Secret Files Series 3: Batman Rogues Gallery 2 - Poison Ivy - DC Direct 2008

When I was reviewing the recent Uma Thurman Poison Ivy earlier this week, I was surprised to realize that I had never made a post on my all-time favorite Poison Ivy figure. It's possible that the new McFarlane figure might take that title, but I'll have to reassess when the newness wears off. But without a doubt my favorite Poison Ivy figure for the past 15 years has been this 2008 DC Direct figure based on her iconic Brian Bolland cover. I often feel that toys of Poison Ivy fail to capture her essence. Usually they look either too sexy or too bland. I think the perfect recipe is to have her looking stern and statuesque... with a touch of indifference and vindictiveness on her face. The overall result is indeed sexy, but not because of exposed skin or pouty lips. Ivy's seductive appeal was always in her voice, body language, and coldness. Brian Bolland captured this well on the cover of Gotham Knights #15 (2001) and the brilliant Jack Matthews translated that image into plastic. She's gorgeous. Let's check out Poison Ivy below!

Forgive the packaged pics swiped from eBay. 
I bought this figure 15 years ago on the day she was released and her packaging is long gone.

She doesn't always have to be posed with such a backbreaking arch. But if you want to eschew the figure stand, this is the pose you need.

DC Direct was never very groundbreaking in the articulation department. Poison Ivy has a classic T-Crotch, hinge knees, hinge elbows, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, and (I believe) a ball-jointed head.

Here is the cover of Batman: Gotham Knights #15 (2001) that I believe this figure is based on.

And here are two other Brian Bolland interpretations of Poison Ivy.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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