Monday, December 4, 2023

Marvel Legends Vintage - SPIRAL!

Marvel Legends: Vintage (X-Men Toy Biz) Series - Spiral - Hasbro 2023

While the majority of the releases in the Marvel Legends Vintage carded line seem to be simple redecos or even straight-up re-releases, every once in a while they knock it out of the park with a wholly original character. I realize there was already a Marvel Legends Spiral made back in the Red Hulk wave, but that was already fifteen years ago (but light year's away in terms of sculpt and production quality). Spiral was introduced in the 1985 issue of Longshot #1 created by Arthur Adams and Ann Nocenti (two of my very favorite 80's talents). She soon left the Mojoverse and entered the main X-Men universe as a member of Mystique's Freedom Force. Given her extra arms and arsenal of blades, she is often downplayed as a simple swordwielder. But what always intrigued me about Spiral was her mystical spellcasting abilities, usually accompanied by a dance and a blur of elaborate hand gestures. She is a fascinating character with a sympathetic backstory. This figure is an unexpected but fantastic representation of her.

Spiral comes with an assortment of blades and two alternate hands.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with with her 2008 Marvel Legends figure (Gold version). The alt deco for this 2008 figure was a closer design match, but I don't own it. She had a more muted blue outfit (with no center stripe) and all the yellow/gold parts were silver. Also the helmet had a few blue panels painted like this new one.


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