Thursday, December 28, 2023

Invincible - DUPLI-KATE!

Invincible Select (Animated Series) #005 - Dupli-Kate - Diamond Select 2023

The Invincible Select action figure line from DST is very impressive. When it started a few years ago I expected there to be a handful of core releases before quietly fading away. (I'm a little jaded and scarred by past toy lines based on indy comics). But after just a couple years there is already an impressive assortment of characters with at least two more on the way (Rex Splode and the Mauler Twin (single figure with alternate heads)). This Dupli-Kate figure gives us a similar multi-figure purchase. By giving us alternate heads and swappable chest numbers, we can army build as many Kates as we want. Dupli-Kate is a homage to Triplicate Girl of the LOSH with the ability to create (seemingly endless) copies of herself. But in an interesting secondary homage, Kate has a twin (evil) brother named Multi-Paul and together they visually remind me of the Wonder Twins. In the cartoon, Paul is incarcerated and will likely never get a toy though. But I can't wait to see who is next. Let's check out Dupli-Kate below!

Note that this set comes with one singular figure. But there are two different heads and a set of stickers to create up to 9 duplicates. 
I purchased two to display the two heads.

Dupli-Kate comes with a lot of accessories. Two heads, a sticker sheet with a variety of number decals for her chest emblem, five sets of hands, a figure stand with a flight bar, and finally a variety of gory limbs. The dismembered arm and leg are stand-alone accessories. But the smaller gory blobs have joints to connect to her empty sockets.

Spoiler: I hate gory toys. They gross me out. This figure has a lot of inventive design choices to represent the terminal expendability of her duplicates. That said, it still makes me queasy so this is the only photo I took using the limb accessories.

Due to the removable nature of Dupli-Kate's limbs, her joints seem pretty loose and floppy.
Especially compared to the other figures in the line which have consistently had solid construction.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Invincible Select figures so far together. From Left to Right: Dupli-Kate (1), Omni-Man, Shrinking Rae, Robot, Monster Girl (Monster form), Invincible, Monster Girl (Girl form), Atom Eve, Allen the Alien, and Dupli-Kate (2).


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