Monday, December 25, 2023

Nightmare Before Christmas - MRS. CLAUS!

Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 10 - Mrs. Claus & Choir Elf - DST 2021

The Nightmare Before Christmas toylines are always pretty amazing. All the characters have great designs and are naturally very toyetic. But what is especially great is how both the older Neca line and the current Diamond Select line don't shy away from obscure characters. This Mrs. Claus, for instance, only appears in the background of one scene for a few seconds. Most toy lines would never consider a character like this for the full action figure treatment. But here she is, in all her weird Burton-esque glory. I actually own quite a few Nightmare Before Christmas figures, but this is the first one I have opened and photographed for a review. This is mostly because I always intend to save them for Halloween each year, but then my Septembers and Octobers get insanely busy and I never have time. But hopefully this review will break the seal and I'll finally review the rest soon (their large boxes take up a lot of real estate in my closet!) Plus I'm excited to put them on display. Let's check out Mrs. Claus below!

Mrs. Claus' skirt is solid on the bottom and her bare legs can swivel where they join the dress.

Her arms have hinge-and-swivel joints at the shoulders. Her head can rotate. 
And her oven mitts and legs have swivel articulation.

This set comes with with three accessories: sheet music (for the Choir Elf), a pie, and a pie with a penguin laying on top.

The Choir Elf has hinge-and-swivel shoulders and a swivel neck.

Here are some screengrabs I just made of Mrs. Claus' brief background cameo.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the components of this set together.
(I still don't understand the Penguin pie reference. I'll watch it again this week and investigate)

Merry Christmas!

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