Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Youngblood Bendems - VOGUE & RIPTIDE!

Image Comics Youngblood Bend-ems - Vogue & Riptide - JustToys 1995

The news this week that LooseCollector will be producing action figures from Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe has me very excited. In the late 80s and early 90s I was a huge fan of Rob Liefeld. His work on Hawk & Dove, X-Factor, New Mutants, and X-Force is some of the most nostalgic comic art of my adolescence. (I still read both his Hawk & Dove runs every few years). When the Image exodus happened in 1992, I was immediately obsessed with Youngblood. The characters were colorful and seemingly pulled inspiration from every trendy comic trope at the time, but with that signature Liefeld flare that embodied the era. The issues were beautiful, but sparse. The release schedule was very slow and the story was forgettable, but the character design and lore of this world still has my attention 30 years later. I have always wanted true action figures. Previous attempts have been almost entirely male-centric. Hopefully the Extreme Universe includes Youngblood or some other costumed heroines.

There were two product lines in the 90's that featured some of the Youngblood ladies. There was a line of mini-figures from Placo Toys, and these Bend-ems from JustToys. These bendy toys are decidedly not cute. But this is all we've had so far. It makes me want proper action figures all that much more. And considering LooseCollector's penchant for female characters, I think at the very least we'll see a Glory or Lady Supreme. But until those announcements are made, let's check out these weird rubber monstrosities below.

Each of these Bend-ems comes with a short 8-page comic focused on the individual characters.

Time for some Comparison Pics!


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