Monday, December 11, 2023

Sonic Prime - RUSTY ROSE!

Sonic Prime - New Yoke City (2.5" 3-Pack) - Rusty Rose - Jakks Pacific 2023

I've always avoided technology-based characters in my collecting. I just naturally lean towards superhero, fantasy, and natural characters as opposed to military and cyborg designs. This Rusty Rose figure presents a conundrum though because she is a variation of a character I already love in a new aesthetic that I typically avoid. Overall I think she's very fun though. The new Sonic: Prime show on Netflix features a fractured series of multiverses with various themes (pirate, feral, and robotics seem to be the main three universes). New Yoke City is one of these Shatterverses that features futuristic post-apocalyptic cyborg versions of all the main Sonic characters. (Although Rebel Rouge in this universe is mysteriously dressed like a guerilla freedom fighter). But Rusty Rose is decked out with an intimidating robotic eye and rusty hinged limbs. I especially like this design because it reminds me of a female counterpart to Metal Sonic. I like equal opportunity variants. Let's check out the 2.5" Rusty Rose below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Rusty Rose with the other 2.5" Sonic: Prime lady so far, Batten Rouge.

And here is Rusty Rose with her 5" Figure.

Here is Rusty Rose with the 2.5" Amy Rose from the standard line earlier this year.

Here are the contents of the New Yoke City 3-Pack: Tails Nine, Rusty Rose, Sonic, and a Shard Base with a removable Prism Shard.


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