Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Marvel Legends - POWER PRINCESS!

Marvel Legends - Void Build-a-Figure Series -  Power Princess - Hasbro 2023

Something I love about the DC vs Marvel rivalry over the years is the constant reinterpretation of each other's ideas. Regular comic readers could list dozens of storylines and characters with blatant similarities between the two companies. Sometimes these can seem like a competitive swipe, but othertimes they can be a respectful homage. I've always viewed Marvel's Squadron Supreme as the latter. Debuting in the pages of Avengers in 1971, Squadron Supreme was an alternate interpretation of the Justice League. The Wonder Woman of the team, Power Princess, wasn't introduced until 1982 (although Warrior Woman was technically introduced in 1975, she wasn't reimagined and intertwined with Power Princess until modern times). The current Power Princess we see in this action figure seems to be based on her design in the 2021 Heroes Reborn series, which is even more of a blatant Wonder Woman parallel than any of her previous looks. She looks great though. Let's check out Power Princess below!

Power Princess comes with a sword, shield, and an extra set of hands.

Power Princess also comes with the legs for the Void Build-a-Figure. 
The Void pieces are a really dark translucent red. It looks really cool.

Power Princess was the subject of an action figure variant cover for Heroes Reborn #2 (5/12/2021)

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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