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Marvel Legends - NAMORITA!

Marvel Legends - Void Build-a-Figure Series -  Namorita - Hasbro 2023

Marvel Legends has a knack for releasing an in-demand character in the wrong costume. I've been predicting a Namorita figure for several years now. The original New Warriors lineup from 1990 is iconic and several characters have already been released. When this Void wave was announced, we already had 3 of the 6 members (plus the brown Nova on the way). So suddenly we got the final two, Namorita and Marvel Boy, announced. But Marvel Boy was in his 2014 costume and Namorita was in her blink-and-you-miss-it 2005 design that she only had for six issues. The saving grace is that both costumes are cool. To be fair, I always hated this Namorita design, but this figure makes me appreciate it in a new light. She's quite a stunning figure. The last few comic-based females in this line have been exceptionally and surprisingly beautiful (Clea and Daredevil Elektra come to mind). And the nice thing is that this sculpt will almost certainly be repurposed for her classic look. Let's check out Namorita below!

Namorita comes with two sets of hands. Note that the open-palmed hands have solid-piece pegs with no articulation.

Namorita also comes with the torso for the Void Build-a-Figure.

The Void pieces are a really dark translucent red. It looks really cool.

Namorita has gone through a lot of transformations over the years.
Her classic original look is a blonde caucasian with green scaled swimsuit.

But in 1994 (New Warriors #44) she learned she was not the daughter of Namora, but rather her (enhanced) clone. This revelation caused her to be cast out of Atlantis and led to some ancient Atlantean traits in her DNA to surface... namely blue skin, black eyes, webbed hands and feet, and venom-secreting abilities. She also started going by the name Kymaera in this phase.

By 1999 and the launch of New Warriors vol. 2, she has reverted to her original form, but with a new outfit.

Then in 2005, with the launch of New Warriors vol 3, she inexplicably had a new design with blue skin, white hair, and white body tattoos. She had this look for about six issues before she died (along with a ton of other heroes and civilians, essentially triggering the events of Civil War).

Someday we'll get the entire team in their original costumes. A new Namorita and Marvel Boy are all we need.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Namorita with the only other New Warriors lady so far, Firestar.

And here is the original New Warriors lineup: 
Marvel Boy Vance Astro (in his 2014 Justice costume), Firestar, Nova (in his second New Warriors costume), Night Thrasher, Namorita (in her 2005 design), and Speedball (with some 3rd Party accessories from Can of Beams).

And with some additional New Warriors vol 1 members, Rage and Darkhawk.


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