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Mirrorverse - ARIEL!

Disney Mirrorverse - Gold Label 3-Pack - Ariel (Melee) - McFarlane Toys 2024

Ever since I started collecting toys as an adult, I have wanted well-made modern action figures of Disney characters. I was always hoping S.H.Figuarts or Mafex would get a license, but it never came to be. The Super7 Disney Ultimates were a promising start, but they never produced a character I was particularly interested in (I feel like Maid Marian would have happened soon if the line wasn't cancelled). But the main characters I always imagined in highly-articulated action figure form were Tinker Bell and Ariel. While this Mirrorverse Ariel from McFarlane Toys is definitely a stretch from her classic design, it's still pretty amazing. Mirrorverse is a 2022 mobile game featuring a wide variety of Disney characters in combat scenarios. Ariel is in Melee armor with a trident. I think she looks awesome. Ariel came in an Amazon-Exclusive Gold Label 3-Pack with Belle and Mulan. This set really renewed my interest in the line and I hope it keeps going. Let's check out Melle Armor Ariel below!

Ariel is part of the 7" scale Mirrorverse line (like Maleficent was). But because of her tail and large hair she seems especially massive. She measures about 9" from tail to hair. (Note: Mulan and Belle are in the smaller, less-articulated 5" scale line).

Ariel comes with a "trident" based on the product description, but it's more like an ornate fishing spear.

She also comes with a (very necessary) figure stand. The only unfortunate thing is that the figure is large and heavy and this figure stand is lightweight and a bit flimsy. When you get her posed, she will definitely wobble.

Ariel has pretty intense articulation. Although between her large solid hair, her stiffly-bendable tail, the wobbly figure stand, and her long trident, I could only comfortably get her balanced in this pose. (Luckily I love it).

Ariel has a ball-jointed head, hinge-and-swivel wrists, double-jointed elbows, bicep swivels, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, butterfly cup shoulders, ball-jointed waist, and a dense rubber tail with (seemingly) a heavy gauge bendable wire inside.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the members of this Gold Label 3-Pack together: Belle (Fractured)Ariel (Melee), and Mulan (Melee). You can really see the difference in scale between the 7" and 5" lines.


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  1. I'm... probably going to have to get this Ariel. lol. It would be a deal-breaker if her face DIDN'T have a feisty, angry look. Normal smiling face would have ruined it. Your site has for well over a decade, been a bad influence on me. You not only show the detailed intricacies of each figure that promotional images miss, but you make me aware of figures PERIOD. I had no idea this even existed. Glad you mentioned the scale too, as I thought I was going nuts that she was larger than Mulan, seen in that gallery.