Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Mirrorverse - MULAN!

Disney Mirrorverse - Gold Label 3-Pack - Mulan (Melee) - McFarlane Toys 2024

Mulan (1998) is easily my favorite animated Disney movie. Most animated Disney movies feature a strong female lead. But Mulan was explicit in highlighting gender roles and cultural stigmas (which, although were presented as specific to an unspecified dynastic era of China's history, had many relatable modern parallels). I genuinely love the story and the music. I also love the respectful handling of the music, with no songs played after the discovery of General Li's fallen army. This movie arguably dealt with the heaviest subject matter of the theatrical animated Disney movies - others technically had a higher death rate, but in Mulan the setting was relatable historical fiction and we actually saw the deaths. It required a tactful mix of playful music and solemnity. I have always wanted to add Mulan to my collection. Someday I might dive deep into the 1997 Mattel line. But in the meantime, this McFarlane Disney Multiverse figure from the Amazon-exclusive 3-Pack is a great first figure. Let's check out Mulan below!

Mulan comes with a large gold sword.

Mulan has swivel boots, swivel waist, hinge-and-swivel shoulders and elbows, and a ball-post neck (the neck is anchored into the chest cavity with a ball joint).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the members of this Gold Label 3-Pack together: Belle (Fractured)Ariel (Melee), and Mulan (Melee). You can really see the difference in scale between the 7" and 5" lines.


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  1. I quite justifiably despise Disney, for being disgusting towards children, race hypocrisy and just the inescapable plastering of anything they grunt out saturating stores and advertising whether you try to run away from viewing it or not, in your face for months and years... but these Mirrorverse figures are nice. They remove the, well, "Disney" cookie-cutter character look. Also like the possessed-looking ones, like the dark purple Tully.