Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Aquaman Lost Kingdom 3.75" - MERA!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - 3.75" Action Figures - Mera - Spin Master 2023

I was unable to get to the theatres to see Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom back in December. I understand that a release date like December 22nd is considered a prime theatrical slot, but I can never swing it with holiday hoopla. Anyway, it was released streaming today on Max and I was excited to finally dive in. I didn't expect it to be mindblowing, and it wasn't, but I did enjoy it. There were reports in the last year or so that Mera's role was going to be completely edited out, but those were unfounded and she's in a decent number of scenes, although not a significant role. The Spin Master toylines still included her, but McFarlane left her out. Regardless of the public opinion of the actress, Mera herself is a very cool character and I love any toy representation of her. Although considering the social drama and the film itself, I'm surprised they didn't merchandise Atlanna and give us a new Atlantean character for our collections. Let's check out the 3.75" scale Mera from Spin Master!

Mera comes with two water effect accessories.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mera with her 12" action figure.

And here are the four 3.75" cinematic ladies from the Spin Master line. From Left to Right:
Cyclone, Supergirl, Mera, and Catwoman. The scales are really inconsistent.


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