Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Aquaman Lost Kingdom 12" - MERA!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - 12" Action Figures - Mera - Spin Master 2023

When I first saw blurry leaked images of this 12" Spin Master Mera from the Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom line, I thought she surely must be a custom (there's a big community for customizers of this scale). I thought she couldn't possibly be real because the 12" Mattel Mera from the the first movie (five years ago) is still on the shelves of discount stores like Big Lots and Ollies. Plus the rumors were that Mera's character would be largely cut from the movie (she wasn't). But she is indeed real, although seemingly shortpacked and more scarce than the other characters in the line. I'm surprised at how much I like this figure though. She looks very different from the 2018 version and she just really pops on my shelves. Her bodysuit has a metallic/opalescent quality that I love in person, but was murder to photograph. I ended up having to use flash photography, which I typically avoid. The sculpt and proportions are really well done too. I think this is the best Spin Master 12" female so far. Let's check her out!

Something to be wary of if you are shopping for this figure is to be mindful of her hairline. I've seen several figures where her hair is glued back too far - making her forehead look larger, her tiara look more like a headband, and overall just making her look odd. I returned my first purchase when I found this good one.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mera with her 3.75" figure.

And here she is with the 12" Mattel Mera from the 2018 movie.

And here are the three 12" Spin Master cinematic ladies: Cyclone, Mera, and Catwoman.



  1. A really beautiful figure, I loved her uniform, I believe they put a lot of care into it and here in Brazil it has also only been released now and in a small quantity

  2. Do you plan on getting the Ahsoka 12 inch figure?

    1. I might. She seems larger than the rest of the Star Wars 12" figure so I was hesitant. But she's being put on clearance now so I will probably buy her when I find her cheap.