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The New Adventures of Batman - BATGIRL!

Batman '66: The New Adventures of Batman - Batgirl (Platinum) - McFarlane 2024

I have a love-hate relationship with McFarlane Toys' "Platinum Edition" chase figures. On one hand, I love variety and the chance to get a cool character in an alternate deco. On the other hand, however, it seems like every time I really want one of these variants, they are torturously elusive. This Batgirl figure from The New Adventures of Batman subline of the popular Batman '66 series is a simple paint redeco in her 1st Appearance (Carmine Infantino) comic look. There has always been debate on whether Barbara Gordon was a comic or television character first. In truth, both versions were likely developed at the same time - with the comic debut in January of 1967 and the television debut in September 1967. So having a black-suited variant of Batgirl in this line completes the trifecta of her costumes from the late 60s (Comic Black in Jan '67, TV Purple in Sept '67, and Cartoon Gray in Sept '68). I spent two whole days last week hitting eight Gamestops and driving over 150 miles until I found her.

It was an exhausting trek but it was worth it. The previous two Platinum figures I was after (the Gray Knightfall Catwoman and the Purple Fighting the Frozen Batgirl), were a failure for me. So this time I went gung-ho and was prepared to keep searching until I found her. Hopefully other people don't have as hard of a time finding her as I did, because she's a beauty (and in my mind, a must-have).

Since I essentially posted a review of this same figure (the Standard release) a few days ago, 
I decided to show more side-by-sides throughout this post.

Batgirl comes with a Batarang and Handcuff cast in black plastic. 
The previous Batgirls in this series had the same accessories but in Blue and Purple.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

And here are all the The New Adventures of Batman figures together. From Left to Right: Commissioner Gordon, Bat-Mite, Joker, Batgirl (cartoon), Batman, Robin, Riddler, and Batgirl (comic).

And here are some comparisons of the other characters in the wave with their original Batman '66 Classic TV show releases. These animated versions each have new heads, accessories, and paint decos.


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