Monday, February 12, 2024

Fury Force - ROCKET!

Pop Prolific: Fury Force - Rocket - HOTG/Hammer of the Gods Toys 2020

One thing I really like about this hobby is how you often find whole communities with a shared aesthetic. And since a lot of us are of a certain age, that aesthetic often focuses on nostalgia and the vintage toys of our youths. The big companies have clearly acknowledged and embraced this. A large percentage of the toy aisles these days are vintage homage lines or straight-up re-releases of original toys. But this trend truly started in the art toy market. It was these creative trailblazers that were molding old He-Man, G.I.Joe, and Star Wars figures years before we knew we needed them. There are tons of artists and small companies in this market, but one name that has especially caught my eye is Hammer of the Gods and their homages to classic 80s properties in vintage MOTU-esque style. I picked up this Rocket figure (definitely not Cover Girl) many years ago on the same day I bought Rose, but I'm only getting around to posting her now. Plus I have a third I will photogaph soon. Let's check out The Rocket below!

The Rocket came packaged in a polybag with a folded cardboard hangtag. 
The picture below is the inside of the hangtag.

These figures are reminiscent of vintage MOTU, but that is just based on the scale and squat, curvy musculature. They don't have the same articulation or construction at all.

She is articulated only at the shoulders and neck with simple straight-peg construction.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is Rocket with the other HOTG figure I picked up, Rose.
Someday I will repaid Rocket's face to match the style of Rose. They are both painted well, but Rose pops better so I want to replicate that.

And here is Rocket alongside the vintage Cheetara and Teela figures.


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  1. These are really neat. I checked out the site. All sold out. To be expected.