Monday, March 11, 2024

Spidey and His Amazing Friends - GHOST-SPIDER!

Spidey and His Amazing Friends - 2.5" Ghost-Spider and Bike - Hasbro 2022

Back in 2022 I was going crazy checking all my discount store chains for a few important toys. The Transformers Authentics Arcee and the G.I.Joe Basic Series Baroness were being found at stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General and I was on the hunt. I remember spending one rainy day on vacation driving up the coast and hitting close to a dozen of these stores obsessively looking for these elusive toys. (Spoiler: I eventually found them months later at FiveBelow). But in the process of hunting I discovered this discount line from Spidey and his Amazing Friends (the popular new preschool show on Disney+) featuring mini figures of the two main male heroes paired with a motorcycle. I eventually googled them and saw a Gwen figure in the mix, but only on Australian websites. Finding her became an obsession. She's rather unimpressive. She's unarticulated and sloppily painted, but I stayed vigilant and finally found her two years later in one of those same Dollar Generals. Let's check out Gwen below!

Gwen comes with her motorcycle.
Surprisingly all three heroes have different bikes. For a discount kid's like this I expected them to reuse the same sculpt.

Time for a Comparison Pics!

Here are three different scales of Ghost-Spider from the Spidey lines: 


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