Sunday, March 10, 2024


Spidey and his Amazing Friends - Ghost-Spider & TWIRL-E - Hasbro 2023

I'm glad the Spidey and his Amazing Friends cartoon and toyline are keeping things fresh by giving the main characters updated costumes each season. In Season 3 (I believe), Iron Man and Spidey invent these new communicator wristbands for Miles, Gwen, and himself which can activate their Web-Spinner Suits. The suits feature gold eyes, chest emblems, and other details and can enable the heroes to survive in extreme environments like inside a volcano, in outer space, and in the arctic. The suits also feature power blasters on the soles of the boots that let them fly. Like any toy line, I know the main characters need to be continually released in every assortment. I'm just really glad the source material features aesthetic designs that intrigue me enough to purchase Ghost-Spider again. The addition of her sidekick Spider-Bot TWIRL-E is just icing on the cake. I find this toy line to a be a lot of fun and I'm always excited to see who will be made next (Squirrel Girl and White Tiger please!) 

Ghost-Spider comes with a Web-Shooter, a Backpack, and of course TWIRL-E, her Spider-Bot sidekick.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ghost-Spider with her first 2021 Figure.
It's interesting that this new figure has a newly-sculpted head. He cranium is less round (and more eg-shaped) and her hood is more tight to her head (probably to to provide shoulder clearance for her backpack straps).


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