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The New Batman Adventures - BATGIRL!

The New Batman Adventures - Batgirl (Standard Edition) - McFarlane 2024

This is a figure I never would have purchased if not for the inclusion of Platinum Edition chase mixed randomly into the assortments. I'm always a completist when it comes to Bat-Family figures, so when a figure is reissued, it's almost always guaranteed that I already own the original release (in this case I had purchased several). So unless there is a significant improvement, I skip the purchase. The intent of this 2024 McFarlane Batgirl from The New Batman Adventures is a straight-up re-issue. The sculpt, articulation, accessories, and color palette is identical. The only real difference is the figure stand, the packaging, and the replica animation cel. However, in my opinion, the overall aesthetic quality is a step backward. It's not a tragic step backward, but it's not an improvement (except maybe in the durability of the plastic). Like I said, if I wasn't trying to get the purple chase, I would have skipped this purchase. But since I have her in hand I figure she was worth a comparison post. Let's check her out below!

Because of the extreme similarities between this new McFarlane release and the older DC Collectibles version, I'm doing something nontraditional and posting new pics alongside the pics from my original 2015 post. I put a "DC Collectibles 2015" watermark in the corner of each old photo to distinguish. In general, the old photos will be on the Left and the new photos on the Right.

Overall I much prefer the old DCC version.

The DCC one has cleaner paint apps and textures. McFarlane's shows gloopy paint applications and the lines (although mostly crisp) do not always follow the sculpt lines - especially noticeable around the eyebrow area. McFarlane has painted skin, which has a yellowy-orange hue and appears thick and textured in places. DCC has tinted plastic for the skintone (which doesn't always work, but on this Batgirl looks perfect). Also, all of McFarlane versions I have seen have had uneven yellow paint coverage, often with dark plastic showing through. Mine has this on the belt buckle.
(Note: I got four McFarlane figures trying to get the chase, and this was the very best of the four).

The DCC version has a cape which stands out at a "windswept" angle. Perhaps this is just mine from the packaging, but years later it's still not flat. The McFarlane version has a relaxed, and seemingly more pliable, cape. Also, the painted line between the yellow and blue parts of the cape (seen from the front and side views) is not perfect on either version, but it's better on the DCC 2015 (and even better yet on the DCC 2017 - notes at the bottom of this post).

The biggest difference for me is the plastic quality. There are pros and cons with this. The DCC version looks better imo. It has a softer semi-matte appearance that just looks great and feels higher-quality. The McFarlane version is shiny and looks cheaper by comparison. However, the McFarlane version seems stronger and less likely to break. The McFarlane plastic seems more durable, but the DCC looks sharper. (Note: I have twelve DCC Timm-verse figures and have never had any breakage, but there were rampant reports of limbs snapping off, so plastic quality was indeed an issue).

Batgirl comes with ten hands (there are more left hands than right - specially-sculpted for weapons), a figure stand with three pieces, and three small weapons (two batarangs and a grappling hook?). Sorry the photo is so dark.

In lieu of a Collect-to-Build figure like the other waves in this series, this wave comes with a fake (reproduction) animation cel. It's in a white cardboard frame and seems to have a clear piece of plastic in front of the image imitating a protective sleeve. While this is a quality product, it pales in comparison to a Collect-to-Build piece.

Here are a couple images of Batgirl from the show.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is the 2024 McFarlane Figure (on the LEFT) with the DC Collectibles figure (on the RIGHT). Note: all the DCC figures pics in this post above are of the single-packed 2015 version. However, this photo below is actually the 2017 DCC re-release from the Girls Night Out 5-Pack (Featuring Livewire and Supergirl). When I got this 5-Pack, I preferred the subtle differences in Batgirl - namely crisper paint and more saturated colors - especially noticeable at the edge of her cape and in her eyes which are now a deeper cyan as opposed to the almost-white color of the single release. I sold the original 2015 figure and now only own this 2017 one (but all the pictures above are from the original 2015 post).

Here is the 2024 McFarlane figure with the 2024 McFarlane Platinum Edition in her purple '66 colors.


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