Saturday, April 13, 2024

Transformers - CHROMIA!

Transformers Legacy United - Chromia (Cyberverse Universe) - Hasbro 2024

When the Cyberverse Arcee figure came out four years ago, I was certain we would be getting a Chromia in the line. All the original engineering for that new female body seemed wasteful for a single release. Plus I really liked the Chromia design. But we all know that never happened. And that Arcee became a shelfwarmer with an unfortunate trait of turning yellow over time. But the current Transformers Legacy line is intended to merge together characters from different Universes with a unified design aesthetic (I've been especially happy to see Go-Bots and Rescue Bots in a deluxe Transformers style). Well years later this Legacy line has finally given us our first Cyberverse Chromia and she looks pretty great. I still find the females in this line to be a bit shorter and blockier that I prefer, but I can't deny the great assortment of figures we've received so far. I can't wait to see who will be revealed next (I have a million ideas). Let's check out Cyberverse Chromia below!

Note the lighter blue discs at her ankles. They are her weapon accessories. In most photos I will have them removed.

Chromia comes with two blue wheels with blades that spiral outward. 
The back of the wheels have a metallic disc that attach to her wheels/ankles.

Here is an image of Chromia with the magnetic wheels unattached. I think this gives her legs an odd malformed look. The magnetic wheels balance out the silhouette when they're attached. 

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three main Chromia molds together: War For Cybertron, Legacy United, and Generations.

And here are the two Cyberverse autobots in the Legacy Line so far: Chromia and Windblade
I should have included Shadow Striker in this photo.


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  1. It's interesting that the back kibble is still so large in this. I wonder if they should have just used the kibble as "wings" like they did in Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Arcee. The head sculpt on this is once again really good.