Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - AIRAZOR!

Transformers Deluxe Class - Rise of the Beasts - Airazor - Takara Tomy 2023

I finally gave up and ordered this figure from a 3rd Party seller. When images of the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie products began being leaked online early last year, the very first item I saw was this Deluxe Class Airazor. The early images of this toy made me very excited for the movie and action figures. But ironically, this excitement was ill-founded because Airazor had no robot mode in the movie and this specific toy proved very hard to find. There was a US Hasbro release in a Target-exclusive "Jungle Mission" 3-pack (with Bumblebee and Mirage), but that set was scarce and the pre-listings for the (supposedly) upcoming single-packed Hasbro release were on every major site. Then one-by-one those listings disappeared. I panicked and got the Japanese Takara Tomy version on eBay. I'm really glad I did though because this is easily my favorite Airazor figure. The coloring is bright, her head sculpt is fantastic, and her beast mode is very well designed. Let's check out Airazor below!

Airazor comes with two blade accessories.

I love her peregrine falcon beast mode. It's sleek, the wings are well articulated, 
and it actually looks like a bird of prey from all angles.

Note how her blades can be stored on the underside of her wings.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Rise of the Beasts Deluxe Airazor with the Rise of the Beasts Studio Series Airazor.



  1. Very nice you got the Japanese version of the toy. I actually think that the all the "3 packs" are coming out as individual releases through Takara Japan. This is the best looking Airazor IMHO. The falcon mode and robot mode look great. I only wish the wings had a little better "folding" articulation in falcon mode. That said this was probably the most interesting "transformation" of Airazor, considering all her other toys were "pull out head, scrunch up legs, unfold wings, done..."

    1. I've seen in-hand pics of Hasbro single release on ebay, but only from Taiwan, UL, and Australia. But the vast majority are Takara Tomy. There doesn't appear to be any deco differences like we used to see luckily. I actually like the wing articulation, mostly because the hip joints are closer together so the falcon's back doesn't look overly broad (like it does when the wings are the shoulders). A mid-wing joint would be nice, but this is my preferred pose anyway so I don't mind.