Sunday, May 12, 2024

G.I.Joe Classified - SCARLETT!

G.I.Joe Classified Retro Card Series - G.I.Joe Scarlett - Hasbro 2024

This Scarlett figure is the one I have wanted since the G.I.Joe Classified line launched four years ago. The first Scarlett, and even her repaint, just looked a bit off. The recipe of a red ponytail, crossbow, and some yellow-ish costume elements were all present, but somehow it just didn't look like Scarlett. The movie figure in 2021 looked a lot better, but of course she was in a dark cinematic costume. But then this surprise retro-carded figure was announced and finally gave us the iconic Scarlett design, seemingly with an all-new sculpt. This might be setting a good precedent for apology figures and/or massive retoolings in the retro line. Plus the cardback on this figure is super thick and durable like the Marvel Legends Vintage line (unlike the flimsy packaging of the first few releases). I admit I've been more excited by the Super7 Ultimates figures because I prefer classic animation aesthetics, but this figure has me very excited for the future of the Classified line. Let's check out Scarlett below!

Note that I am alternating the two different ponytails in these photos.

Scarlett features a single headsculpt, but two swappable ponytail features: 
one that lays more flat and one that is a little windswept.

Scarlett comes with two rifles, a handgun, a dagger, a packback, two sets of hands, two interchangable ponytails, a crossbow, four loose arrows, and a figure stand. Note: her hip-quiver does not appear to be removable. It can store her loose arrows.

I know this was likely unintentional, but without either ponytail,
Scarlett is reminiscent of the vintage 1983 short-haired figure.

Scarlett has tiny freckles on her nose if you look close.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Scarlett with her 1983 vintage figure.

Here is Scarlett with her first two Classified figures: Version 1 (2020) and Version 2 (2021)

And here are the three Retro-Carded Classified ladies so far: BaronessScarlett, and Lady Jaye.


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  1. Great review and photos as usual. I've also been waiting for this version of Scarlett since the Classified line began. I'm a little disappointed by the hair colour and hair sculpt. I find the red too dark and the shape not round enough (compared to how she looks in the image on the new and vintage card). I also would have preferred a prettier face. Everything else about the figure is exactly what I hoped for. They did a good job executing the leotard design.