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G.I.Joe Classified - LADY JAYE!

G.I.Joe Classified Retro Card Series - G.I.Joe Lady Jaye - Hasbro 2022

Lady Jaye is probably my favorite G.I.Joe character. Even though I love outlandish costumes and gimmicks in my adventure properties, Lady Jaye stands out as being one of the few characters in a military unit that is actually wearing army greens. Typically I would find this boring, but like me and my lack of tattoos, the normalcy makes her a standout among her edgy peers. I also love that she's butch. I feel like they amplified her relationship with Flint and even had a full episode of her running around in a pink frilly nightgown just to soften her, but you couldn't disguise how tough she was. She also managed to convince me that exploding javelins were a standard weapon like the guns, crossbows, and swords the rest of the characters were wielding. She was iconic. This Retro Card repaint of her Classified figure is a nice variation. Her green outfit is a brighter hue like her vintage toy and her face paint is better. Her missing hairpiece is the only real downside. Let's check out Lady Jaye below!

Lady Jaye comes with a figure stand, a dagger, a backpack, a camera, a javelin, a gun base to hold that javelin (like the javelin gun her original 80's toy had), and an alternate (explosive?) head for a javelin.

This version of Lady Jaye has no alternate hairpiece like her 2021 figure did. 
But the hat is still comically removable.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Lady Jaye with her first Classified figure from 2021 (on the Left). The main difference is that the old figure has darker paint apps and more accessories.

And here are the three Retro-Carded Classified ladies so far: Baroness, Scarlett, and Lady Jaye.


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