Thursday, May 30, 2024


POP! Heroes #505 - Batman: Joker War Zone - Stephanie Brown - Funko 2024

Stephanie Brown needs so much more merchandise. I have high hopes we'll be seeing this new design in the McFarlane DC Multiverse line soon. The recent Cassandra Cain Target Exclusive figure was branded with the Batgirls comics title (which is a current ongoing series featuring Cass and Steph patrolling the city with Babs in their earpiece). So my hopes are high. But in the meantime, Funko has graced us with both ladies in their Pop line for Batman: The Joker War Zone (a 2020 comic that first focused on these two teaming up). Having Cass and Steph in Pop form really expands the Funko Bat-roster. My wishlist is now only an unlikely Kathy Kane Batwoman, Bette Kane Bat-Girl, Helena Wayne Huntress, and Bluebird. And that's a very short list for me. This design of Spoiler is an interesting blend of her traditional Spoiler costume with her Batgirl uniform, but I like it a lot. FYI In the Batgirls comic, Steph (wearing this same outfit) now goes by Batgirl. Let's check out Spoiler below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Steph with her wave-mate, Cassandra Cain.

And here are my favorite Bat-Lady Pops. From Left to Right: HuntressCassandra Cain BatgirlBarbara Gordon BAM BatgirlStephanie Brown Spoiler, and Kate Kane Batwoman.


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