Saturday, October 27, 2012

Doom Patrol's ELASTI-GIRL!

DC's Largest Leading Lady from Mattel's DCU Signature Collection 2012

I have never read much Doom Patrol, but I was always really drawn to the look of the characters and the feel of the stories.  Doom Patrol and the Metal Men are arguably the most fan-demanded teams to get the action figure treatment.  It has taken a while, but Mattel will finally deliver on both teams this yea (and I will always be loyal to a company that can provide that level of nerdy satisfaction).  Rita Farr was a celebrity actress who was exposed to some mysterious gases that gave her the ability to change drastically in size; from a towering behemoth, to a microscopic ant.   She hid from the world for a while until joining the Doom Patrol where she could put her newfound skills to good use.  Size-Changing characters are always an interesting action figure dilemma.   The sheer size of them usually means they can't be budgeted into a character slot for any given series.  That's why collector's lines like DCUC or Marvel Legends get so much pressure to follow through with the big guys.  Luckily for us, they usually do.

Elasti-Girl came with a miniature version of herself as an accessory.  She's less than an inch tall.  Here is a pic of her with two Batman MicroMachine figures for reference.


Time for some Comparison Pics and Group Shots!

Here she is with the other Larger-Than-Life DC Lady, Giganta.

And here she is with the Rest of the Doom Patrol:  Robotman, Beast Boy, and Negative Man.


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