Sunday, November 25, 2012

DC Comics New 52 BATGIRL Bust!

The Newly Returned Barbara Gordon Makes Her DC Collectibles Mini-Bust Debut

While I may be a little upset that the new incarnation of DC Direct, DC Collectibles, offers so few action figures, this new bust definitely reaffirms my faith in the company.  The initial unpainted prototype had me very excited.  I'm a major sucker for the mini-bust format, but I'm picky with characters.  So another variation on Batgirl is right up my alley.  But then at NY Toy Fair 2012, the first fully painted versions were displayed and I honestly thought she was a little lackluster.  But the final product really delivers.  The face paint is much more detailed and expressive than the NYTF version.  The sculpt is dynamic and beautiful.  The paint is well-applied with only a few minor issues (her hand grabbing the batarang is sloppy and the dark yellow wash on her forearms is uneven on mine... both easily remedied).  My only wish is that she fit in scale-wise with the Women of the DCU busts, but I actually wouldn't want to sacrifice the awesome Jim Maddox sculpt to make her conform.




I love how the back end of the cape looks like the bat symbol.




Time for some Comparison Pics!




  1. Beautiful face, beautiful paint...I just wish it was Stephanie. But aw well....

  2. I know! Steph was such a surprisingly awesome character... hopefully she'll get a little more merchandising love in the future. She DID just get a pretty great heroclix recently.. i'll be reviewing them all shortly :)