Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog's BLAZE THE CAT Revealed!

Your Favorite Other-Dimensional Pyrotechnic Feline Princess from Jazwares 2012

Jazwares surprised us with a long awaited reveal on Thanksgiving day as they finally posted a completed image of their 3" Blaze the Cat figure (which was announced eons ago.. correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she was first mentioned as an 'upcoming' figure back in 2010).  This past summer they posted an unpainted prototype that let us know she was finally in the pipeline, and now, just a few weeks before she will supposedly hit the shelves, we see a true confirmation.  I think she looks great.  I love these Sonic figures.  They have great character design, great articulation, and all-around great execution as a toy.  Blaze debuted in the 2005 game Sonic Rush and became a pretty popular new character, continuing on to appear in a total of 8 games so far.  The next female Sonic character we've been teased with is Rouge the Bat.  Hopefully we'll see a Cream the Rabbit in this style as well.  Check out my previous review of Wave the Swallow.  On to the pics!

The first pic is the what the original Facebook photo looked like, the second is my half-assed attempt to darken it and expose a little more of her sculpt.

Here is the prototype picture from this Summer.  I'll post a true review soon after I find her in the stores.


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