Wednesday, November 28, 2012


DC Super Friends Imaginext Joker & Harley Quinn from Fisher-Price 2012

Who would have guessed I could get so excited over a children's toy?  Fisher-Price and Mattel have given us good reason to start scoping out the preschool aisles lately.  The DC Super Friends brand has made its way into such products as Little People, Hero World, TRIO, GeoTrax, and last but not least, Imaginext.  I think the Imaginext line appeals the most to adult collectors because the sculpts aren't overly-childish and the costumes tend to stay true to the classic look of the characters.  The other toy lines are usually too cutesy or overly accessorized, but Imaginext has that indescribable quality that I've come to recognize in Superhero Squad and Mini-Mates as "conscientiously stylized."  I only wish some of the overly-merchandized acton figures (like most movie lines) that clutter up the aisles took the time to blend the needs of collectors and Moms like Fisher-Price does. They would sell so much more product that way.   Ack - enough intellectualizing.. on to the cuteness!


Let's see some comparison shots!

Look at all the adorable Harleys!  And these are just the tiny ones.  Love her!