Friday, November 23, 2012


Nikki and Brie Bella WWE Battle Pack from Mattel 2012

These beautiful Mexican-American Sisters have been major players in the WWE circuit since their 2007 debut.  But in truth, they only really "made it" then they were awarded the action figure treatment this year.  I can only assume that this honor is more humbling than a simple championship belt.  While I would kill to be immortalized in plastic, I feel kind of bad for the Bella Twins - because although these figures do capture a certain appeal, I don't think they really resemble the girls themselves.  They look more like a Jersey Shore castmembers than the gorgeous women they are meant to portray.  Also, these are the first WWE figures I've purchased that suffer from thick rubber clothing.  I see this a lot in this line, and I usually avoid figures for just that reason, but something about their being twins yet having unique headsculpts really appealed to me.  These are the first Mattel WWE ladies I've had any real criticism for (See this & this review) - but there has to be a balance somewhere, no line is perfect.


As in the packaging, all these pictures will display Brie on the Left and Nikki on the Right.


How about them monogramed butts?

They're pretty poseable like most figures in the line.
The only accessory they come with is the WWE Divas Championship Belt

Time for a Group Shot!


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