Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marvel Select's Classic STORM!

The Original Weather Goddess Makes her 7" Debut from Diamond Select 2012

I think everyone loves Ororo Munroe.  Even if Halle Berry gets on your nerves, she's still pretty kick-ass.  My first two memories of her are from guest appearances on Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends in the early 80's and from my older brother's copies of Classic X-Men that we always strewn about our shared bedroom.  It was her overwhelming power to control the weather that made me realize early on that women have disproportionately greater powers, yet overall less influence in the comics genre - so I credit a lot of my current obsessions to her.  There have been a lot of Storm action figures over the years.  I'd argue that she is the third most merchandised female comic character behind Wonder Woman and Catwoman.  Perhaps she's tied with Invisible Woman, but it would be close.  Yet surprisingly, this classic costume of her's gets very little love from the toy industry.  To me this is quintessential Storm and I am very excited to finally have a great figure of her.

Check out the picture of the Variant "netted hair" Storm on the cardback
Also, I LOVE that the small comics image used on the back is from an Arthur Adams story.  His art will always bring a smile to my face.
Storm's cape is rigid and inflexible.  It hangs loose on her shoulders and is pretty heavy.  I think it looks great, but it makes her figure stand necessary since she is very inclined to topple backwards.

Her leg joints are tight so she is able to hold some subtle poses like the one above.  I wanted to dig out a DCUC flight stand (and maybe the lightning accessories from Gozer) but her hip joints are actually pretty restrictive and they can only really move in a frog-like pattern.

I think this is the nicest Storm figure I have ever seen.
She comes with a pretty awesome Danger Room diorama.  The three wall panels are made from rigid sheets of plastic with all the techno-details sculpted in relief.  The flame thrower and the buzzsaw arm attach with an anchor-and-pivot contraption (so just rotate them and they pull free).  The walls also do not permanantly snap together, but rather have removeable tabs.

When I first saw convention images of this figure, I thought we were finally seeing the Marvel Legends prototype shown in ToyFare back in 2007.  This Marvel Select figure shares a lot of design similarities, but is clearly an entirely new figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!
Here she is with a Marvel Legends She-Hulk, Marvel Legends Black Widow, and a Marvel Select Spider-Woman.  The scales are kind of all over the place.

Group pic!


  1. Greatness! This is a favored version of Storm for me as well, though I'd love to see the mohawk Ororo :)

    1. Yeah I always had a soft-spot for the Mohawk look, too. Honestly she could be wearing burlap and I would still think she was amazing. Have you seen this Thor cover form a few years ago? I'ts amazing::