Friday, March 1, 2013

Beast Hunters AIRACHNID!

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters - Airachnid - Hasbro 2013
It's amazing how many female Transformers we are getting these days.  Granted, it's pretty much the same two characters over and over again, but considering how long Hasbro kept the Transformers sausage party going, I couldn't be happier.  This miniature version of Airachnid is pretty much the best representation of this character I have seen.  The Kre-O version I reviewed a few weeks ago is great, but still a block figure nonetheless.  The 6" Deluxe Airachnid from last year was an atrocity.  I was so excited for that figure, and was very very let down.  Mine is actually in pieces as I removed every screw trying to visualize ways to customize it into a decent looking fembot.  This little version, however, gets it right.  The transforming isn't perfect, and it would be awesome if the helicopter blades had a more spider-like presence, but all-in-all it's very nice.  I love the character of Airachnia.  Besides my general love of villainesses, she in particular strikes my fancy because she reminds me of Blackarachnia, Maleficent, and Hexidecimal combined.  Let's check out this great figure below!


I realize in retrospect that the helicopter blades could be mounted in the middle of her back and give a more spider-like look, but I just saw the hole in the top of the head and assumed that's where it went.

She come with one accessory, her Nova Stinger Bow

Her helicopter form is pretty cool.  It has clean lines, and is easy to transform.

I personally like her robot form without any blade at all.  If they can't be the spidery appendages they are intended to be, I would rather just put them off to the side.

Time for some Comparison and Group shots!
First up is Airachnid and Cyberverse Flamewar
Here's a Kre-O just to show how small these little guys really are.



  1. Awww, she's cool! :D

    Hadn't decided on an Airachnid yet. Had seen such bad reviews of the first, though this second figure is very small.

    A very nice 3rd party Blackarachnia is on the way too, if you like your spider fembots:

    I noticed one of the Transformers subscription figures this year is the female Starscream clone. Believe her name is Slipstream. Gotta get her!

    1. Ohh! That's a really nice third party figure. The female starscream looks like a regular starscream in high heels to me. I'll have to see a through review before I shell out any dough for her.