Saturday, June 15, 2013

DC Direct New Krypton SUPERWOMAN!

Superman: New Krypton - Series 01 - Superwoman - DC Direct 2010

Okay I know I said I would end my Superman-themed reviews on the day of Man of Steel was released, but I totally miscounted.  And this lovely lady was supposed to be my final review from the onset.   Sometime in the early nineties I was rooting through a back-issue bin and found a copy of DC Comics Presents Annual #2 featuring Kristin Wells as Superwoman.  I was smitten with the costume design, but unfortunately the character didn't hang around very long.  A mere couple decades later, this new mysterious Superwoman appeared in the pages of Supergirl with an outfit that seemed heavily inspired by Kristin's.  This new Superwoman was introduced during the New Krypton storyline when the bottle city of Kandor was "reconstituted" to full size on Earth and the planet was inundated with superpowered Kryptonians.  It's been 4 years since the story ran, so I feel safe dropping this spoiler:  Superwoman is Lucy Lane, Lois's militant younger sister in a power suit.  Amazing.  Let's check out this beautiful figure below!


In her brief tenure, she had some brilliant covers.

And here is an image of the Kristin Wells Superwoman from the eighties.

Typical DC Direct articulation.  Functional and non-disruptive, but limited posing options.

This costume made one more appearance by way of a Heroclix figure
Heroclix - Superman Series (2009) - #29 Lucy Lane Superwoman




The John G. (Jack) Matthews sculpt is one of my all-time favorites.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!
A little detail in the character design that I really like is the yellow/gold ovals all over her costume.  We learn in the comics that these generate a containment field which supply Kryptonian-like powers to the wearer.  Notice that the Lois Lane Superwoman had a costume with the same power source.  I love that.




  1. GREAZT figure- loved this one! Pretty girl... :)

    1. yeah I love her. She always gets a spot in the front row on my super-person shelf :)