Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Tamaranean Princess BLACKFIRE!

Princess Komand'r - Teen Titans - Series 1 - DC Direct 2004

It's pretty shocking how the best looking action figure of an orange-skinned Tamaran is of the evil Blackfire, and not her heroic sister Starfire.  Starfire has had numerous toys made over the years, but none are particularly noteworthy.  This Blackfire figure, however, is stunning (as is the entire Teen Titans line from 2004).   Princess Komand'r is the older sister of the Teen Titans member Starfire who was denied her title through an unfortunate association to an invasion (and ensuing slaughter) on the day of her birth.  Her people viewed her as bad luck (or even cursed).  A lifetime of resentment by her people eventually culminated in the creation of a powerful young woman with a huge grudge against her sister, her family, her people, and her planet.  Evil sisters are just as good as evil doppelgangers in my opinion - and they always make the best villains.  This whole Teen Titans line is gorgeous.  Blackfire was sculpted by the amazing Jonathan Matthews (just like the Wonder Girl reviewed back in February).  It always comes down to the sculptor.  Let's check out this de-crowned princess below!


Typical DC Direct articulation.  Good for a few standing poses, but nothing groundbreaking.  My Blackfire has a damaged left knee that's hanging on by a thread so I wasn't about to pose her in any lunges for this review.
Here are some images of Blackfire from the comics.  Her look has changed over the years, but she pretty consistently has a cape and a silver & black color scheme.  She also bares a lot less skin then her baby sister.



Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I like the fact that Komand'r has a figure at all, and i display mine next to Deathstroke (unmasked) and Trigon in my Teen Titans Display. But i would have died if they had done the original George Perez design. Leaps and bounds more glam than this drab (by comparison design). I would also die happy if they ever did the original Omega Men.. I can dream can i..?

    1. I have these far-fetched hopes that some new company will emerge and convince DC to create a new license for only classic (ie non-modern) representations of characters. When Mattel attempts something like this, they always end up making one or two of the characters look too modern and it throws off the whole bunch. I think DC Collectibles is too buried in video game properties to give us any really interesting figures anytime soon.

      I know what you mean about Starfire looking a little drab. She's not really representative of any of her comic incarnations, but taken at face value, I still think she's gorgeous.

  2. She'd look cool next to the DCD Series 7 Black Lantern Superman- love the black & Silver

    1. You're right, they would look very cool together. I wish more of the Black lanterns had "normal" faces like the Wonder Woman or Series 7 Supes. The costume are so cool, but I don't care for the zombie look.